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Nowadays, i'm working on my CMS project called Weblebici CMS. I aimed to create very simple and lightweight CMS web application. But this is not the subject of this article.

Last night i created a simple default template but later i began to see some weird exception on my log. It was weird because there was not any detailed information about the problem.

It was a "System.Web.HttpException" and message says. "File does not exist". But there is no info which file exists. First i thought i used a file type which static file handler cannot access. I checked the extensions and nothing seemed wrong to me. Later i decided to check html output of the page. I checked line by line, file by file... I found nothing on the first pass. In the second pass i noticed the error.

 There was a relative url like "~/a/b.ext" and i forget to use this value as a paramter for @Url.Content() method. It was easy to fix but hard to find :D


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